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Field Trip/Special Event Dates:


CLAY DATES: 9/28 and 10/19 @ 10:30 and 2/8 and 3/8 @ 10:30

Fire Station Tour: Thursday Sept. 29th

We will be walking over to the Shannon Rd. Fire Station at 9:40 -our fire house tour is from 10-11am,  and parents and siblings are welcome and encouraged to join us!


Prior to the station tour, a fun and educational activity to do with young children includes creating and discussing a fire escape plan of their home as well as talking about 9-1-1 and how to report an emergency. 
Fire Escape Planning & Practice: http://www.sccfd.org/forms/edith.pdf
Telephone Tips During Emergencies: http://www.sccfd.org/forms/telephone_tips.pdf
For additional safety information: 
Home Fire Safety Inspection Checklist: http://www.sccfd.org/forms/home_fs_insp_chklst.pdf
Carbon Monoxide Information: http://www.sccfd.org/forms/co_handout.pdf

Apple Day: Friday Sept. 29th

We will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday with a day of apple activities. Please plan on sending in an apple or two :)

Oct. 3rd, Monday -No School -Prof. Dev. Day for Teachers
Oct. 30th - Van Meter Pumpkin Patch 11:00-3:00
Oct. 31st - EARLY DAY FOR ALL! We will have an all school Halloween Parade at 8:30 and a class party following at 9am :)

Nov. 11th -Veteran's Day Holiday -No School

Nov.14-18 -Fall Conference Week. We will be on an EARLY DAY schedule all week. Be sure to check out the Book Fair in the library.

Nov. 18th -Friday- We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with a Stone Soup party with our big buddies. Plan on sending in a small ziplock with a diced up veggie -potato, carrot, celery, onion, tomato... so many possibilities!

Nov. 21-25 -Thanksgiving Break -the whole week off this year!

Dec. 9th EARLY DAY FOR ALL! Field Trip to the Los Gatos Art Museum.

Dec. 22nd - EARLY DAY FOR ALL! Pajama Day!!! Wear your pjs, we will be having a Polar Express Party :)
Dec 23 - Jan 6 -Winter Holiday Break
  • Jan. 16 – Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday - No School
  • Feb. 9th, Thursday, Chitresh Das Dance Company Performance at the Carriage House Theater. Montalvo. We will be on an EARLY DAY schedule.
  • Feb. 9 – Van Meter Science Fair 6pm - 8:30 pm
  • Feb. 20 - 24 – February Break - No School
  • Mar. 3 – WAG - Annual LVM Adult Event
  • March 6-10 - Parent Teacher Conference Week. Early Days all week.
  • March 27th, Monday,  Peter Rabbit Tales at the Carriage House Theater, Montalvo. We will be on an EARLY DAY schedule.
  • April 3-7 – Spring Break
  • April 26 – Bulldog Stampede
  • May 5 -Walk to Fisher to see District Art Show with our Big Buddies from 10:15-11:15. Parents and siblings welcome to join us!
  • May 8th, 11am in the cafeteria -Spring Music Performance (pure eye candy -not to be missed! and bring your camera :)
  • May 12th -Friday, Volunteer Tea in the cafeteria at 7:45am. A time for us to thank you for all of your help this year! Please stop by :)
  • May 12th -Friday, EARLY DAY- Mother's Day Spa Celebration at 10:45. Moms -you don't want to miss your special spa experience here in room 4 :)
  • May 16th -Friday,  Snail Day!
  • May 18 – Thursday, Open House 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. EARLY DAY
  • May 29th -Memorial Day -No School
  • We are on an EARLY DAY schedule from Friday, June 2nd - June 8th
  • June 2nd, Friday, Fun and Field Day
  • June 8 – Kindergarten Carnival @ 10:15 on our playground -parents welcome to come and celebrate our year together!




•Bring your red bag with a healthy recess snack daily.


Day Reminder
early/late day
early/late day
Music Class

Early day for all!

Library book due

Wear your P.E. shoes -P.E. class!


early/late day
early/late day



Fun Things to do around the Bay Area:

The Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos -this place is always nearly empty when I am there. Very cool history of aviation right here in the bay area. My kids love the helicopter simulation  and the large 747 plane in back-you can sit in the cockpit and pretend to pilot!

The Cantor Arts Museum at Stanford -this place is free and the Rodin Sculpture Garden is truly magnificent -great photo op -position your child in front of the Thinker in the thinker pose:) My kids always get a kick out of the large modern art pieces. While your at Stanford -take the elevator ride to the top of the Hoover Tower and check out the awesome views!

The Palo Alto Junior Museum -right next to Stanford -this place is also free with many hands on exhibits and a fun junior zoo in back!

USS Hornet in the Alameda Bay  -this aircraft carrier is awesome to see in person -one of my son's favorite family field trips!

Sanborn Park in Saratoga -we enjoy camping, hiking and picnicing right up from the Walden West Science Camp. There is a great newt pond where every child is successful catching a newt- might want to bring an extra pair of shoes and socks though.

Train Ride... catch Caltrains from the Santa Clara station (small, easy to park) and take the train to Palo Alto for a fun ride! Get off at California Ave. and have lunch at the Counter, then walk to Peers Park nearby before catching the train back. We love to go to University Ave. and visit the Palo Alto Sport and Toy Store.



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