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Borrow Books Online

There are many ways to borrow books online!  Here are a few resources:
SORA: All LGUSD students are able to borrow e-books and audio books from their school libraries using SORA- just login with your LGUSD google credentials and start exploring!  Students can also connect public libraries to their SORA account in order to broaden the selection of books available.  I recommend adding the Santa Clara County Library, as they have many great e-books available. You will need to sign up for a free library card when you first add them, but afterwards you will automatically be connected when you login to SORA.  The Los Gatos Public Library is not compatible with SORA at this time, but you can still visit them directly to check out e-books.  
JUNIOR LIBRARY GUILD:  A changing selection of e-books at the elementary and middle school level available for free!  No account needed.
EPIC:  Over 35,000 free e-books for ages 0-12