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Welcome to Room 16's Website
-Thursday, September 21st • Dad's Night Out • 7-10 pm
-Friday, September 22nd • Clay Forming in Room 13 • 8:10-9:30 am
-Friday, September 22nd • Scholastic Book Order Due
-Wednesday, September 27th • Mom's Night Out •  7-10 pm
-Monday, October 9th • NO SCHOOL • District-Wide Professional Development
Ideas for Reading at Home: 
  • Find a quiet spot and read independently.
  • Partner read with a family member. Every other page or every other chapter works great.
  • Read aloud to a sibling or friend. Use expression! (Picture books are great for this!)
  • Bring your book in the car and read while riding or waiting for your siblings.
  • Listen to a family member read a more difficult book to you.
  • Listening to challenging books is a great way to improve your vocabulary and become a better reader.
  • Listen to books on a CD and read along in the book.
  • Every week, read at least one book on the computer and take a quiz: