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Subtracting by adding on

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  • 2:50 Rounding by finding the halfway number

    This video will explain how to round by finding the halfway number.
    Step 1: Draw a number line
    Step 2: Determine which tens (or hundreds) the starting number is in between, then write them on either side of the number line
    Step 3: Determine the number that is halfway between the two tens (or hundreds), then write that number in the middle of the number line
    Step 4: Compare the starting number to the halfway number. If the starting number is less, then round down. If the starting number is equal to or greater than the halfway number, then round up.

    Uploaded Aug 26, 2015
  • 7:09 Subtracting by adding up on a number line

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  • 12:59 Simplifying fractions

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