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Early Literacy Specialist

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Please visit the Literacy Team's Resource Site for more information.

Welcome to the Literacy Room Website!

The literacy room students work with me in small groups for 30 minutes 2-3 times per week.  We work on decoding / phonemic awareness and comprehension.  Students are referred to me by their classroom teacher.  If you have any questions, email is the easiest way to contact me.

Literacy Room Schedule:

Monday:  7:45 am- 3 pm
Tuesday:  7:45 am- 3 pm
Thursday:  7:45 am- 3 pm


For most students, I will be sending home a book bag with book(s), SIPPS story on white card stock, sight word flash cards and / or an activity after each session with your child. After s/he completes the reading/activity, please sign the assignment sheet. Your child will earn one sticker for every day they read. After earning ten stickers, they will earn a prize from my prize drawer. Your child should keep the literacy room book bag in his/her backpack at all times.


The LGUSD literacy specialists have created a list of helpful resources for parents and students.  Please click on "links" on the right to access this resource page.