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Welcome to Room 15's website!
On this site you will find important dates, the class schedule, and various links we use in class.  At the very bottom, you will find 2 important attachments 1) Current Events Schedule & 2) The VIP Schedule. The Current Event & VIP Schedule will remain online throughout the year so you will always have the important dates of your child's presentations. Feel free to print, or enter in the dates into your calendar if you prefer.  
To report an absence or a tardy, please call the attendance line at: 408-335-2285, or email  If homework is requested, please indicate that in voicemail or email.  It will be available by 12pm in the office; inside the Homework hanging file.
Mrs. Babalis
Scholastic Book Orders are due by the end of each month!  
Go On-line to view & place order!
Class Activation Code: MFKCN
IXL Log in Page
RAZ Log in Page - (click green Kids Log In button)
Typing Program:  Typing Club 
Important Dates:
HOMEWORK See Student Planners inside your child's binder!
Remember each box in your homework planners should be marked!  Things can change slightly, so check student planners for current homework. Read 15 minutes a day, including over the weekend! 
We are Little Buddies with Mrs. Rugani's 1st grade class!
Ideas for Reading at Home: 20+ minutes every day!
Find a quiet spot and read independently.
Partner read with a family member. Every other page or every other chapter works great.
Read aloud to a sibling or friend. Use expression! (Picture books are great for this!)
Bring your book in the car and read while riding or waiting for your siblings.
Listen to a family member read a more difficult book to you.
Listening to challenging books is a great way to improve your vocabulary and become a better reader.
Listen to books on a CD and read along in the book.
Every week, read at least one book on the computer and take a quiz: