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Jessi Rugani » Welcome to First Grade. It's a a fabulous place to be!

Welcome to First Grade. It's a a fabulous place to be!

Welcome to my website. Here we are beginning a brand new year in first Grade. 
I'll say it here first, and you will hear me say it again... This year goes by so quickly!  In fact now
that you have a child in all day school, the years will begin to fly!   If you don't believe me ask some of  your friends or family that have older children.  Some days you don't think you will make it till bedtime, and then all of a sudden, years have gone!
Well, it's why I love teaching first grade.  It is such an exciting year with so many changes.  Your child will make new friends, read,  write, create, explore, share, examine and really begin to grow socially.
I will talk more about my program at Back-to-School night,  Thursday August 24, at 6:30 in the cafeteria.
I am looking forward to meeting all of you and celebrating our First Grade year together!
Thank you for sharing your child with me!

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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule 
  8:10  Opening and seat work.
  8:45   Meet me on the Rug - Class talk: Introduce the daily schedule and 
  9:15   Spelling and phonics review, Sing-a-long, penmanship.
  9:45   Independent reading.
10:00   Recess
10:15   Meet on the rug, read aloud, reading mini-lesson
            Reading small groups, work in practice books,
11:00   Writers Workshop- mini-lesson and independent writing.
11:45   Lunch
12:30  Read aloud
12:45  Introduce math lesson, whole class, independent practice and
 1:30   Science/Art/ choices